The Importance of Health Screenings

When we are young, we usually do not think much about going to the doctor unless we are sick or hurt, and we leave the details to our parents or other caretakers. But our doctors are there for more than that. In addition to treating patients when they are sick, doctors can help patients stay healthy and even avoid sickness. He or she can provide “preventive services” that can detect disease or even help prevent illness or other problems. It is important to start getting these services as a teenager or young adult. Many conditions that happen later in life get their start when we are younger. For example, about 65% of all deaths in adults are caused by cancer, stroke, and heart disease. In many cases, these diseases could have been prevented. Many of the behaviors that cause these diseases begin at a young age. For example, teenagers who use tobacco are more likely to have heart problems and other ailments in adulthood.

The preventive service you need might be a test, a vaccine, or advice from your doctor. Which preventive services you need depends on your age, medical history, and family history. If you don’t know much about your family history, try to find out. Ask questions. If you are not able to get this information, do not worry. It can just be helpful if you do. For adolescents and young adults, there are several key areas that your doctor will probably focus on. These include:

Adolescents and young adults face many issues every day that affect their social and behavioral health. These could include violence, harassment, school bullying, or drug use. These types of issues can affect you in many ways. You may experience depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder. You may experiment with drugs or have unsafe sex. It is important for you to talk to your family doctor if you are having trouble with any of these kinds of things. You should also talk to your doctor if you have any of these warning signs:

Be aware of how friends, school acquaintances, coworkers, and others are behaving around you and others. The world is a little bit easier if we have others helping and paying attention in our lives. Ask someone how they are doing. Smile at someone after a hard test in class. You never know what a difference one moment or one little thing could make to someone. Getting others involved and even excited is always important when it comes to healthcare, especially before we might have any major problems or concerns. You can look for, or even start, a campaign in your community to encourage others to make an appointment for a check-up or health screening. But at the very least, encouraging friends, family, and coworkers will go a long way!

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