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Your child is unique, and so are their medical needs. At Frisco Medical Center and Luis Palacios, MD can help your child grow strong physically and emotionally. Dr. Palacios will also provide support to you as the parent. To book a checkup or sick visit for your child, call or use the online booking tool today.

Children’s Health Q & A

What is the purpose of a pediatric checkup?

At pediatric checkups, also known as “well-child visits,” Dr. Palacios monitors your child’s physical, behavioral, developmental, and emotional health. At a well-child visit, he’ll perform a full physical exam, record your child’s height and weight, and screen for hearing and vision problems. Dr. Palacios will also administer any vaccinations or immunizations that your child needs.

Well-child visits also give you and your child an opportunity to ask questions. If you have any concerns about your child, including whether your child is reaching important milestones, Dr. Palacios will answer them. He can provide advice on how to support your child’s healthy development on a range of parenting concerns, including schooling, safety, family relationships, and what to expect as your child grows older.

How can I prepare my child to visit the doctor?

It’s normal for young children to have concerns about going to the doctor, but your child will feel better if you talk to them about why they’re visiting the doctor and what they can expect to happen.

If your child is visiting Dr. Palacios for a well-child visit, explain that all kids go to the doctor to make sure they’re growing and developing properly. Tell them what Dr. Palacios will do, such as measure their weight and height, and let them know Dr. Palacios will answer any questions they have.

If your child is sick, assure them that Dr. Palacios will figure out what’s wrong and help them get better. Depending on the condition, your child may feel some shame, blame, or fear, so assure them that it’s not their fault and that many kids have been through the same thing. If any relatives or friends have had the same condition, this information may also help your child feel less afraid.  

How often should my child visit the doctor?

You should take your child to the doctor three to five days after birth and return after one month. Then, you should return every few months for the first three years. Dr. Palacios will give you a schedule. When your child reaches age three, they should have annual checkups.

If your child is sick, call Dr. Palacios, and he will let you know if you should come in, treat your child at home, or go to the emergency room.  

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